Throughout the foreclosure process, from the first notice of non-payment, all the way to receiving that dreaded letter from the lender’s law firm, and finally a potential foreclosure, it is important to get professional help.  You may need:

  • An Attorney to review the foreclosure filing or help you file for bankruptcy if you choose this route.
  • A Mortgage Lender to assist you with refinancing and who is familiar with alternative and creative financing options. 
  • A Realtor to list your house for sale or assist you in finding a new home or rental upon the sale of your current home.
  • An Investor to purchase your home from you quickly or help you in a “workout agreement” with your bank.
  • A professional who can help you with a “workout agreement” or foreclosure reinstatement.

Once a homeowner has analyzed his or her options for stopping foreclosure against his or her personal situation it is then time to find the right people to help stop the foreclosure.  Be aware of who is helping you when facing a foreclosure and be sure to choose the right people who are knowledgeable with your local area and the foreclosure process. 

Scams: Be aware of scams induvial who promise you the world.

Understand the intentions of the individual who is trying to help you: the mortgage broker who says, “refinance,” the bankruptcy attorney who screams, “File for chapter 13,” the realtor who begs, “list with me,” or the investor who shouts “cash for your house.”  It is much better to work with a team of individuals who can help you objectively analyze your options and determine which is best for your unique situation.  Do not forget that when working with an individual who can only offer his or her solution to you (mortgage broker, realtor, bankruptcy attorney, etc.) they probably have their own personal agenda in mind, along with a solution for you, and may not tell you other solutions available to you, or the cons of the solution that they suggest.

Don’t Give Up: If you’ve been avoiding communication with your bank and you’ve almost given up all hope of foreclosure stoppage, then it’s not too late to re-establish communication with your bank.

Call your lender immediately and explain that you’ve been having temporary financial difficulties. Let them know you want to find a way to put your delinquent mortgage back on track and you want to discuss ways you can make that happen to avoid foreclosure. Stopping the bank taking action is actually easier than you think.

If you’re worried about approaching the bank on your own, then it is possible to find foreclosure specialists who can help negotiate loan modifications or even loan reinstatements with your lender on your behalf. They have all the expertise already at hand to help you stop foreclosure, so this can increase your chances of success.  | avoid foreclosure 

The most important thing you can do today is to educate yourself on your options and then set a realistic plan in motion to avoiding a foreclosure.  Once you have a plan and have found the right people to help you, it is time to implement your personal plan.  Without a plan and the right people to help you stop foreclosure, you are unlikely to avoid this financially devastating event. 

Homeowners today facing foreclosure no longer must face this problem alone. Today there are teams of individuals who help people facing foreclosure stop their foreclosure and move on with their lives. 

If you are looking for expert and knowledgeable help to avoid your home foreclosure, contact a foreclosure prevention expert, and find out how to stop foreclosure on your home.

If you are looking for expert and knowledgeable help to avoid your home foreclosure, contact a foreclosure prevention expert, and find out how to stop foreclosure on your home.

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