While everyone’s foreclosure situation is unique, there is one common thread that ties together all successfully approved loan modifications, and that is the hardship letter.The hardship letter is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s a letter, written by the homeowner who is facing foreclosure, explaining their hardship as to why they fell behind on their mortgage payment.  There are some key components to writing a hardship letter that every homeowner should follow.  Hopefully this article
Anyone in foreclosure has the fear of losing their home, and can find him or herself asking, “How can I save my house from foreclosure?”A loan modification may be the solution to save your home and stop foreclosure. You may have the option of a loan modification that will allow you to get back on track. It involves close work with your lender and possibly with the assistance of a professional foreclosure prevention company for
For the homeowner who has missed a few mortgage payments the foreclosure process can start very quickly. During this stressful time it is critical you promptly take action to stop the foreclosure processand try to save or sell your home. Keep in mind that no one will help unless you ask. So, if you want to stop a foreclosure, you need to take responsibility and get the process moving as soon as possible.What Options Will