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A Few Fallacies and Facts About Foreclosure

There are many misunderstandings concerning the issue of foreclosure. Unfortunately, these misconceptions have lead many homeowners to take all the wrong actions in trying to stop the foreclosureprocess which ultimately causes them to lose their homes. Below are a few of the myths that seem to persist regarding bank foreclosures.The bank wants your house so

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Avoid Foreclosure Using a Workout Agreement to

If a homeowner is behind on mortgage payments or facing foreclosure he may be able to enter into a “workout agreement” with their lender.  Individuals who may want to consider a “workout agreement” are those who have little or no equity in his or her home.  During a “workout agreement,” a qualified professional contacts your mortgage company on your

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Financial Help to Stop foreclosure

Finding out that your home is entering foreclosure is a terrifying experience and many people tend to push the panic button. However, there is no reason to stop seeking financial help to stop foreclosure. Because, if you ignore the threat and fall behind on your mortgage, the possibility of losing your home will become a

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Foreclosure Stopped Finding the Right People to Help Stop Foreclosure on Your Home

Throughout the foreclosure process, from the first notice of non-payment, all the way to receiving that dreaded letter from the lender's law firm, and finally a potential foreclosure, it is important to get professional help.  You may need:An Attorney to review the foreclosure filing or help you file for bankruptcy if you choose this route.A

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Foreclosure FAQAnswers to Common Questions

Are you afraid you might be at risk of losing your home to a foreclosure?  AtFirst Equity Financial, LLC, we recognize the urgency necessary in order to stop a foreclosure. Don’t delay.Time is ticking away.What should I do if I am unsure about whether I can pay my mortgage?If you cannot make your payment or

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