The dreaded word. DON’T DESPAIR


About Us

First Equity Financial LLC,  is investment company assisting homeowner throughout the North Carolina. We take pride in helping people with their real estate problems and this shines through in the way we approach each clients. We understand that each of our client’s situation is unique and we try to custom tailor what program work best for you. We present and try to expalin what options are available for your situation.

Call us today 866-755-5568. Let our experience and upbeat attitude work for you. We may be able to  help you get back on track with your life.

Whether you need a new mortgage for a loan modification a quick sale of your home for fast CASH, we may be able to help. Since we have experience in many areas of real estate let our expertise work for you.

Our sole purpose is to assist you. We look forward to earning your trust and being at your service.

Pick up the phone and call today 866-755-5568 one of our representatives will be sure to assist you.

Below are common problems that happen to people each day.

  • Reduced Income or Unemployment.
  • Inability to work due to health reasons.
  • Separation or Divorce.
  • Medical Bills.
  • Business Failure.
  • Death of a Spouse.
  • Adjustment in mortgage payment or unforeseen increase in your monthly expenses.
  • Any other circumstance that cripples your ability to repay your mortgage.

YES We may be able to assist you YES there are options to save your home but realize once a foreclosure begins that time is not on your side. Take Action, they say that knowledge is power but if you don’t take the first step in seeking help you may lose everything you works so hard for. Pick up the phone and Call Today for a no cost foreclosure prevention presentation.

We specialize in providing foreclosure help to clients who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments or are facing the need to avoid foreclosure or may want a quick sale of their home. Call Today 866-755-5568

 When you call our office, our representatives will give you their full attention. You see, we pride ourselves on being a company of integrity and professionalism. Everything that is discussed with us is confidential.